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Craft Vendors Wanted



Attention all Craft Vendors! 

 We provide you with everything you need to start, grow and maintain your craft/art business:

  •   An Online Web Site capable of accepting orders (this can be updated by you)
  •   Online Advertising 
  •   Physical space in our Indoor craft mall, located in an excellent location for sales!
      •  You do not need to be there - your only responsibility to decorate and stock your area as needed.
  •   We will sell your crafts at craft affairs around the country-
          •  at least two events a month! (This alone will save you hundreds a month, it is all included)
  •   Opportunity to teach crafts if you like, and make more money
  •   Extensive TV, Newspaper, and Radio Ads - we have over 40 years marketing experience and success stories and we will   put that to work for you! 

                                 First 50 people get 25% off the first 5 years!

                                 We are looking to work with 75 - 100 vendors.

                                                 Space is limited so apply now by filling in our quick one minute application